4 Lessons Death Taught Me

Four years ago, death entered my life for the very first time. Yes, I’d relatives and friends who’d passed away, but this was different, as on 14 August 2012 my mother passed away. I’m always reflecting, and her death has highlighted 4 valuable life lessons I’d like to share with my friends. 1 – No Rewind  – Life […]

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Conscious Parenting Raising Your Kids

Raising your children is the single most important thing you’ll do in your life, but no first-time parent really knows how to do it. Were all absolute beginners with this most important of lifes tasks. Conscious parenting offers a way to raise your kids with respect and love, paying close attention to their thoughts and […]

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Conscious Living Means Always Learning

Conscious living is a phrase that’s been tossed around in self-improvement circles for a long time. It’s a vague term that includes lots of different things, including learning compassion, increasing awareness, and questioning your beliefs and ideas. But the most important component of conscious living is always learning. In order to live consciously, you’ve got […]

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