How To Get Extra Eyes On Your Blog

The benefits of writing a focused blog post are pretty much unparalleled when it comes to driving business traffic.

You blog can act as an essential outreach tool that connects with your target market and screams ‘I’m an expert’ and it can provide for plenty of opportunities to travel the digital world through a matter of a few clicks and shares.

But the question is how you drive traffic to your blog. In the early days this can seem like a real road block, particularly when you’re taking so long to write content that provides valuable reading.


So here I fill you in on my top tips for boosting your readership rates beyond ghost town.

1. Be sure to write content that is valuable

As the very most vital building block to increasing your blog traffic, you must ensure that your content is rock solid and actionable to your readers.

And if you’re struggling for inspiration then why not take a look at some of your inspirers or even your competitors to see how they’re crafting their content.

And as well as on point topics that interest, inspire and engage your reader you must also be sure to be as concise and to the point as is possible.

One last note with content however: Don’t provide so much info, insight or help so that your readers go into overwhelm or overload. The key to content success is providing as much info so as to be useful, but not so much that you make your audience hesitate.

2. Network, network, network: Increase your reach

Networking doesn’t just apply to the local meeting of business people, it's inherently important for building up a solid reputation amongst both readers and other bloggers and influential people within your industry’s online sphere.

Connecting with your audience can seem like a seriously tricky business when you have so many tools at your disposal. From the running of a "must read blog" through to the option of paid advertising. Choosing between them can then seem like a pretty confusing task.

However it doesn’t have to be...  Adrienne Smith has some great info around the subject of how to network in this digital age. 

So get researching other blogs and take the time to read and comment on blogs that have a following in a similar niche as yours.

3. Harness all that social media can provide: 

Social Media Toolbox: Schedule, Autofollow and Automation Course? Click le Pic! 

Social media is truly the essential marketing medium of the 21st century. It gives you a platform that connects with a world of potential customers, it allows you to go beyond one-way advertising to truly connect and converse with your target market.

But are you making the most of it?

Or are you just on social media networks for the sake of it, with little thought as to where your target market may be spending their online socialising time?

You must take the time to research who your market are, and which social media website they’re using the most...

Let’s look at a few stats.

Facebook is privy to 87% of adults aged 18-29, but only 56% of adults over 65+;
Instagram is the go-to network for those living in rural areas;
LinkedIn is the platform for University graduates, as 50% of their members hold degree
(compared to Pinterest’s 32%) [Social Sprout 2015].

4. Include your web address on everything

From business cards, in your PDF giveaways, to email signatures, there are plenty of places where you can include your website or blog’s link.

You can create one like the ones below easily (for free) at

So be sure to capitalise on these, you’ll be surprised at how many emails you send a week and that’’s more eyes on your blog. (and, if you haven’t’ already chosen your domain address, make it simple so the potential for misspellings are limited).

5. Consider PPC advertising

PPC advertising (Pay-Per-Click) is not a tool to be overlooked and today benefits from some of the most advanced targeting options of all. It’s major players are search giant big wig Google, as well as their sparing partners social media champs Facebook. 

So take the time to research this option. Reading into the conversion stats behind some PPC tools; Facebook’s $1 a day providing for, on average, being put in front of 4,000 people [Moz 2014]) this can make for impressive reading, providing solid stats that warrant at least a trial run of paid advertising.

6. Go all-out to build an email list

In a coming article I’m going to be telling you all about the importance of email marketing and how you can start building up your reader levels.

This will then leave you with an additional tool within your marketing arsenal, and one that can help you in letting your target market know when your next blog article is out.

Over the course of my coming blog articles I’ll be filling you in on all that you need to know to get started with blogging, email list building and preparing for business launch.

However if you want my industry insider input and essential tips for making a success of your affiliate marketing business then be sure to sign up to my recommended affiliate training course. See you there?


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