Using The Internet To Make Money

I’m going to let you into a little secret right now. It’s no ordinary secret – in fact, I’d prefer it if you shared this secret with everyone you know...

Are you ready? Here goes…


Making money online doesn’t require any natural talent whatsoever. You don’t need to be a born salesman, you don’t need the ‘gift of the gab’, nor do you need any major capital or funds behind you to get started!

The reality is that there’s money out there to be earned, and to find it, you need to work smart and hard. You need to master the basics, then go back and master them once more to make sure they’ve really sunk in.

You need to have time to devote to learning some complicated ideas, and ensuring that you’ve grasped them enough to put them into practice. You need to be patient, you need to have a thirst for knowledge, you need to be single-minded and focused at all times.

Anyone can make money online if they have these traits, and if they’re willing to put the time in. It’s not a matter of talent or skill – it’s a matter of know-how.

Natural talent? Not necessary. Commitment, motivation, enthusiasm and drive? That’s what sorts the wheat from the chaff!

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How you can use the internet to make money… 

This is one of the most popular questions I’m asked – at least once a day someone will ask me how they can make money online. I always respond with the same answer. First off, you’ve got to establish what you can offer the web.

After hearing my response, many people appear confused. “I don’t really have anything to offer…” they say, looking downcast at the idea that their dreams of earning money online have just gone kaput.

“But you do!” I always say. “You do have something to offer… you just don’t realise it yet.”

First off, write a list of your top skills and interests.

And remember, this isn’t a job interview – you don’t need to stick with the ones that look best on paper or sound best to an employer.

Tony.BWeb Solopreneur

If you love Harry Potter and Doctor Who, add them to the list! If you can’t get enough of crocheting, or if your passion is football, write them down! These will be crucial as you build your online business.

Now take a look at the list...

All of those things are topics that you could confidently write about, and you should have plenty of content in mind.

The good news is, that’s the first step in making money online!

Is the web interested?

Now to narrow down those topics to find the most talked about ones. You’ll need to search the web to find if there’s 'an audience' interested in the kind of content you can create.

I can tell you right now that you’ll find a huge global audience for content about Harry Potter, Doctor Who and football. Crocheting might be more of a problem – but if you hit on the right community with the right content, who knows?!

You can search for forums in any topic by using the search query "topic+form" ... Use the parentheses or as I call them quote marks, it narrows down the results google gives you. 

... as you can see there IS quite a bit of chatter about crocheting! 

Now to get the word out there!

Next, you need to join and connect with people in with those forums and build a website in order to get your unique take on ... let's say, crocheting, seen by others on the web. Facebook, Pinterest Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms can aid you in this task pretty well too.

Your website will be your stage, so take pride in it. Make it beautiful, make it eye-catching... ... but most importantly, make your content great.

Other ways to leverage the internet

Okay – so your content is out there, it’s being shared, it’s becoming valuable and you are now even making money with a few ads from google. But how do you take that to the next level? There are a multitude of answers. Here's what I'd pick for our crochet  fans.

  • Affiliate Marketing

This approach is simply selling other people’s products and services and taking a commission of the retail price. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you’ll need to brush up on your affiliate skills, as well as retaining that ability to create a connection with your readers and cool content without the hard sell. 

There are a few sites that offer you a commission for sending visitors whom buy crochet patterns, tools or wool even. With a quick search in google I found:

www.amazon.com ... You can get commissions when you recommend anything on your own website from Amazon.

Affiliate marketing can be hugely profitable if you can learn to be a good affiliate.

This passive income model can generate income without your constant attention – for example, a review on your website about a washing machine or a camera might still be generating income a year after its publication, as more people stumble across the review and are tempted to buy.

  • Micro-Continuity

A micro-continuity program is essentially a course, training area that allows you access for a specific fee. It's NOT like you're locked into a 24 month phone contract and you pay a certain amount every month. With a micro-continuity program, when you stop paying you lose access. 

You can use micro-continuity programs on your own site to add further value to your readers. Create a course of special, webinars or presentations that can be delivered on a weekly basis to your crocheting fans, and ask users to sign up.

If your course costs £10 and lasts for four weeks, and you manage to lock in just ten crocheting subscribers, that’s £100 straight into your pocket. Imagine what you could do with more subscribers, and higher course fees?!

So now I hope you're empowered to try your hand at making money online – now you know ‘the secret’!

This might be the only secret in the world that should be spread by everyone – so share away, and help everyone you know achieve the financial security they crave!


Tony studied how to the interweb works. Now he shares those lessons and more with a passion. If you're at all interested in creating a healthy and a happy and lifestyle you may like what he has to offer!

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