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Personal time recharge the batteries doing whatever! 

Some people have regular hobbies, I don't have a hobby as such - but there are a few choice activities I turn to when needing to chillax. These can range from walking Roxy, my little Staffordshire Bull Terrier, experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen, or just lazing in the garden.

But the best time by far is the time I spend with Leah & Kyle, though it's rarely relaxing when we're together as a trio. It's not always possible but I try to fill our time together with activities creating memories... and we always do sushi when together!  

A rare glimpse at the collective mini Balthazar's...

The best relaxing is of course to be had in a warm climate; my favorite would be me grilling fish on a warm sandy beach, my 2 children & the dog close by. Ideally Cadiz or Grenada WI, which were our last two family holiday destinations! 

A colorful kitchen is my 24/7 sanctuary 

Ever since that day with the Jam tarts I've had an interest in kitchens & cooking, it was no surprise to anyone that I chose a catering course at college. Before my 18th birthday I had left my home town of Northampton and moved to London to start my adventure. 

You know, It's not just the food, smart kitchen gadgets & a bit of a coffee fan too make it fun to be down there. Food has always been a big passion and since buying this house the kitchen has been my goto place to create and relax. 

Just the tip of the iceberg...

Even though I don't have any "hobbies" as such there are loads of different activities that I love to get involved in to relax. I fancy myself as an abstract artist so oil painting may pop up, big boy's toys are defo going to be there somewhere too. I'll be sharing some videos of us in the household too I'm sure. I'd really like to know I'm not writing this just for my kids, so do leave a comment as I get a buzz from hearing from you

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Quality Time Out

I don't know about you, after a good chill-out I'm ready to bounce back with all cylinders firing. Even taking a 30 min break from work walking the dog clears my head and infuses me. The saying "a change is as good as a rest" works for me.

Yet hobby type activities give me the most benefit. Relaxing my mind & doing things that I love wallowing in that fantastic euphoric feeling - priceless!

At Home

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At Work

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Whether it's increasing profits, managing your teams, going it alone with a new offline / online business idea, I've done it and may have a story.

At Play

Making A Decent Living

Everyone needs something to unwind with. Me, I get in the kitchen and create, target practice in the garden or getting on the PC and try a racing game!