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what i believe SUCCESSful people do differently to the rest of 'em?

I'm passionate about YOUR success... because it really fuels me! 

I've the memory of a young boy probably about 6 or 7 years old, his small hands clutching tightly to an old square biscuit tin. He's running home from the school, it's only 500 yards at the top of the street, not far.  He bursts into the kitchen where his mother stands and still panting he beams a huge smile as he opens the tin, the smell of freshly baked strawberry tarts wafts out... I'm the boy and from that day onwards I always wanted to cook

In the corporate world I went from Classical Chef to Managing FMCG businesses. I developed a very strong bias for training, I was recognised as a General Manager who could recruit, build and train high performing teams whilst delivering on P&L ... Consistently.

Check out the computer - taken in 1996 at Pret 100 TCR

23 years managing operations, I loved the pace and buzz of delivering "an experience". I loved my various roles in the hospitality world.  I've opened around 60 businesses for different brands over the years. 

Brands I've Been Proud To Work With

tonybalthazar work

Even though I did love my various roles in the hospitality corporate world. I was really too much of a maverick to ever be a conventional company man.

I lost my job December 2008,  and was finally ready to try something completely different and new. I followed logic and started to research work from home ideas so I could join the family in Sweden - It was now or never!

2009 Feet 1st Online education

Being a niche affiliate 

I cautiously joined an affiliate training program, I was as green as they come when it came to websites, I didn't even know what a hyperlink was! Initial training was designed to last 8 weeks.

It was another late night early morning, I was 6 weeks into my training, was finding things challenging but I enjoyed it. I hadn't seen any sales so decided to check my clickbank account (where my commissions were getting paid). I literally shrieked out loud what!  

I was simply following the training, doing A, B & C as shown and had a grand total of $235 I knew this worked and I couldn't stop grinning... I found I'd actually had made double that check it out!

Getting into Wordpress & SEO

I carried on with niche sites and learnt from trial and error & some very smart people, within 2 yrs I had built a handful of profitable affiliate websites then, Long story short; I got hacked from China and all my websites were completely deleted. Looking for faster ways to rank my new websites, I purchased a membership to a marketing group that taught me how to rank faster with SEO.  

The winter of 2011 I got my first paying client for website services, reinforcing that I had indeed a new skill-set and knowledge others would pay for - adding another string to my residual income bow. 

I would be happy paying 5x’s more for these leads, phone hasn’t stopped with people asking for building quotes. The lads are really happy as we've work booked for the rest of the year. Tony definitely delivers on what he promises, well worth the price for his SEO service. 

Andy Furlow

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    Learn for FREE in the forum I use. The very same place I started learning, I'm still there to help out in the forums.
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You Should Really Love It!

What's that Confucius says? - Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. - Most of my corporate working life evolved around managing hospitality operations and developing teams... and I have to tell you I truly loved what I did. Going to work was a pleasure and that made a huge difference to my performance. 

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Family, a long distance dad, Roxy & dogs, ups and downs, kids growing to teens fast, my house & Airbnb trials,  home repairs and the odd tool review.

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Whether it's increasing profits, managing your teams, going it alone with a new offline / online business idea, I've done it and may have a story.

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Making A Decent Living

Everyone needs something to unwind with. Me, I get in the kitchen and create, target practice in the garden or getting on the PC and try a racing game!