The Home, Under one Roof a hell of a lot can go on 

Long Distance Dad isn't anyone's perfect - Yet it can work

The norm or unconventional is what  makes this house a home! 

Family life isn't what I thought it would be, I never imagined for an instant I'd be a long distance dad. Even writing those very words 'long distance dad' forces me to take a deep intake of breath, it's not easy. On a positive I have 2 wonderful children, they live in Sweden with their mother. I know there are loads of us fathers in the same boat for one reason or the other, how do you cope with it? Relationships teach us a lot about ourselves. 

On a random side note: Yes I do find myself sounding like my parents, I never believed I would morph into my dad! 

Roxy knows is a dogs life!

For as long as I can remember I've been scared of dogs, like... I would cross the road because of my fear of any dog.  Roxy came into my life early Summer 2012. I was still scared to enter the room for the first 48 hrs she was in the house, she was only 10 weeks old!

It's a whole different story now, she's been an awesome addition to the house (though she thinks it's a hotel) and a great companion over the last few years.    

There's home maintenance eek!

I'm not a natural when it comes to big project DIY, or a little one to be honest. I like something where I can get a bit creative or crafty. I made my kitchen table from old scaffolding planks for instance, proud moment.

Most regular repair & maintenance I've tackled and have to admit:

I stand back a proud man taking in my finished accomplishments with glee about 70% of the time, the other 30%, I really do wish I'd got a man or woman in! 


ideas i see and like for home & garden

In the most perfect world..  all those 'Grand Design' programs would lead up to me hiring a great architect and starting a super build. (I like Gurmeet Sian's work ever since I saw the BBC's £100K house!) However the world isn't perfect yet, so instead, I look for sparks of inspiration on the interweb or media including the TV and share what I find and want! 

A place we all need to feel safe in, home...

Where to start, that's the beauty of a home, so many different opinions of what a home is and how the home functions. Home to me is a townhouse, there isn't a day goes by I wish I didn't have so many stairs to climb... I move rooms, furniture and colour around every few years. I've tried airBnB and built a pre-fab shed in the garden. Quite the norm I suppose, my tastes are drawn more towards bright and colourful rather than dark and moody. 

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Inspiration in Spades

I'll put my hand up I'm no expert DIY'er, but I certainly am a have a go Charlie!  I'll be curating home design ideas we can all dream of, and attempting my own little upcycled pieces. Not just home decor though...! There's the relationship tango, parenting and general home owner shizzle I'll also shoehorn in. Your opinions and comments will be gratefully appreciated. 

At Home

Family, a long distance dad, Roxy & dogs, ups and downs, kids growing to teens fast, my house & Airbnb trials,  home repairs and the odd tool review.

At Work

work from home

Whether it's increasing profits, managing your teams, going it alone with a new offline / online business idea, I've done it and may have a story.

At Play

Making A Decent Living

Everyone needs something to unwind with. Me, I get in the kitchen and create, target practice in the garden or getting on the PC and try a racing game!

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